Friday, July 30, 2010

Capsicum Masala

I have prepared this capsicum masala 2days back and i didn't get the time to post.This capsicum masala goes great with any fried rice or rotis.This is semi dry recipe and it will not be liquid.I made first time this masala it came really delicious and yummy and we finished with in an hour.Usually we use capsicum in fried rice.Actually i have brought this capsicum for making fried rice.I did rice and with the remaining capsicum i made this capsicum masala.

Capsicum-2medium nos
Chili Powder-1tsp
Coriander Powder-1tsp

Cinnamon Stick-2nos


Cumin Seeds-1tsp

Ginger Garlic Paste-1tsp
Onion - 1large no.

Grated Coconut-1/4cup

Poppy Seeds-1bsp

Green Cardamom-4nos

Coriander leaves

Curry Leaves



Salt to taste

Roast dry and Grind:

Poppy seeds
Cinnamon stick

Grated Coconut


Cut Capsicum into 1 inch pieces and shallow fry this in a little oil, remove and keep it aside. Chop onions extremely fine or make a coarse paste in a blender.

Here i have not done onions into paste , i have used chopped onions.In the oil that is remaining in the pan after shallow frying capsicum, add the cumin seeds and the chopped onions to it and fry till they turn into golden colour.

Add the turmeric and ginger garlic paste,fry for few mints till the raw smell goes. After a little while add the red chili powder and fry for a while. Now add the grounded paste to the onions in the pan. Add the coriander powder along with it.Now, add the shallow fried capsicum to it and mix it up well.

Simmer the flame so that all the masalas will cook with the capsicum for another 15 min. When the oil starts oozing out sprinkle coriander leaves and switch off the flame. Eat with rotis\parathas\rice.


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Here are 7 things about me:

- I cannot live without my hubby n my two kids
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- love to do shopping
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- love cooking n feeding my family very much
- like learning new things
-last but not least i am very sensitive n loving person

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carrot Halwa

Gajar ka halwa, the Indian pudding called carrot halwa in English, can differ drastically depending on where in India you are. It is one of the most loved and known desserts of India. The most laborious part of the recipe, that is, grating the carrots. It takes a little patience to get the perfect gajar ka halwa but the result is very sweet indeed!


Grated Carrots-4cup
Cardamon Pwd-1/2tsp
Nuts a handful


Heat a non-stick pan with ghee,add nuts and fry them and keep aside.For making Halwa always use non-stick pan so that it will not stick to bottom and it not burn also.

In the same pan add grated carrots and fry them for at least 5mints or till the carrots are cooked and they the change colour.When the carrots colour changes at that time add milk and stir well so that all milk is nicely mixed up with carrots.Cook on slim flame until all the milk is absorbed.

when all the milk is absorbed and carrot is cooked well in the milk,add sugar and cardamon Pwd and mix well.Cook on slim flame until all the ghee has oozed out.

Finally add the nuts and mix well and transfer into a serving bowl and enjoy tasty sweet Carrot Halwa.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Moong Dal Sambar (pesara pappu sambar)

This Moong dal Sambar is very easy to prepare i.e. with in 20mints.It can be had with idli,dosa and poori.We usually make this in India every sunday for pooris.Yesterday when iam preparing batter for idli,my laky asked amma what are you doing with the batter.I said i am going to prepare idli for you,she said then you prepare sambar for it.Then i rememberded this sambar which can be prepared very fastly.Even my hubby dear liked it very much.And he asked me to prepare the sambar for tomorrow also.what else a wife needs other than hubby's appreciation n love.


Moong dal-1cup
Onion-2small nos
Tomato-1medium no.
Green chillies-2nos
Chilli Pwd-1/2tsp
Turmeric a pinch
Asafoetida a pinch
Salt to taste

For seasoning:

Mustard seeds-1/2tsp
Cumin seeds-1/2tsp
Split urd dal-1/2tsp
curry leaves a few

Coriander leaves for garnishing


Clean n wash dal and soak it in hot water for few mints.In the mean while chop onions and tomatoes and keep aside.

Heat a pressure cook, add moong dal along with half chopped onions,tomatoes and slit green chillies.Add turmeric and pressure cook for 20r3 whistles.Once the pressure comes down,lightly smash the dal with spoon.

Heat a pan with oil,add seasoning ingredients and fry till they pop.Then add the cooked dal along with chilli pwd and required add,salt.cook for 5mints on simmer,finally add coriander leaves and leave for few seconds.
Then transfer into a serving bowl and enjoy tasty n easy Moong dal sambar with idli,dosa and poori's.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rava Laadu

After a long time i have prepared this Rava Laadu's with Dessicated coconut powder.First time i am using this powder.In India we use to grated coconut freshly for any sweets.But here it is not possible.It came really well.when I was making this, my daughter came inbetween and tasted it. She liked it so much that she wanted to have everything half prepared.

Dessicated coconut pwd-1cup
Cardamoms powdered-1/2tsp
Cashew nuts a few


Heat a pan with ghee and fry the nuts and keep aside.In the same pan add rava and fry until light golden in colour.Add Cardamom and mix well. Then add dessicated coconut and sugar and fry for few mints.

Then transfer them into a mixing bowl and allow it to cool for few second and add milk slowly and mix them well.

Now shape them into laadu's and garnish with nuts and enjoy.
Once they are dried store in a air tight container and it stays for a week .

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Butter Paneer Masala

I have learnt this Butter Paneer Masala from my Athamma.She prepares this dish awesome and goes perfect for rotis.With some slight modification i have done in my style.She prepares very dish excellently .Before marriage i known only making of rice and pappu.But after marriage i learnt cooking from my Athamma. With Paneer we can make different varieties ,but my favourite one is this Paneer Masala.


Gingergarlic paste:1tsp
Chilli Pwd:1tsp
Cashew nuts paste-2tbsp
Salt to taste


First cut the paneer into your desired size and keep aside.Then grind one part of onion along with gingergarlicpaste.In this mean time boil tomatoes in water for 5mints and allow it to cool and then make puree and keep side.

Heat a pan with butter,add paneer and remaining part of onions and fry till they change the colour slightly.Then take them into a plate and keep aside.In the same pan add oil and fry the grounded paste till the raw smell goes.Add cashew nuts paste and fry for few more mints,then add milk and cook till all the milk is absorbed.

Add tomato puree along with chill n garam masala pwds. Add required salt ,water and cook till the gravy comes to closer.Then finally take off from the hob and add butter.

Enjoy this Butter Paneer Masala with roti's.

I usually prepare paneer in my home only,i dont prefer buying paneer from shop.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shahi Pulao

I have prepared this Shahi Pulao this weekend.But i could not post it,because my pc has gone to repair.It came today only,without pc for 3days is really hard.That's what my hubby n me are discussing. we have to sit ideal in our free time ,if we don't have pc means.
This Shahi Rice have been prepared with sugar and it will be done with in half an hour.It quick n easy to prepare and also tasty to eat.


Basmatice rice-2cups
Cumin seeds/black cumin-1/4tsp
Coriander leaves-1/2cup
Ginger garlic paste-1tsp
Green chillies-3nos
Mint leaves-1/2cup

Heat a pan with oil,add cumin seeds and allow it to splutter.Then add sugar and mix till the sugar change its colour to brown then add sliced onions mix them well.

Then add gingergarlicpaste,green chillies,mint,coriander leaves,salt mix well.

Now add the rice which was soaked for 30min and let it come to boil, once water absored then close it with a lid and cook for 5min in very slow flame,until rice is cooked well.Finally i add fried onions and serve it with paneer masala.

Note:Here in this pulao first time i have used black cumin seeds,it has given a great tast to the rice.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Munakaya Sambar

I have prepared this Drumstick/Munakaya sambar after a long time.The place where we live dnt get our Indian vegetables in supermarkets,for these i have to go for citycenter where we have two indian stores,in that stores we get all indian items.That too our lucky sometimes we get fresh vegetables sometimes they will not be good.This time my lucky i found fresh vegetables and i picked up some vegetables and we did some shopping for my two kids.As my son 's first birthday is coming we purchased new clothes for him.His birthday is August 12th,and school uniform for my daughter.


Small onions-5nos
Sambar Pwd-1tsp
Tur dal-1/2cup

Seasoning ingredients:

Mustard seeds
split urad dal
curry leaves
chana dal
Few coriander leaves
Crused garlic-3pods


Clean n wash tur dal and pressure cook it with 1cup of water,turmeric,asafoetida and 1/2tsp of oil for 2or3 whistle.Mean time chop onions and tomatoes and keep aside at the same time cut the edges of munakaya and cut into your desried length.Soak tamarind in water .

Heat a pan with 2tbsp of oil,add the seasoning ingredients once they splutter add the chopped onions and fry till they change colour.Then add tomatoes along with sambar pwd and cook till tomatoes becomes soft then add chopped drumsticks and required salt and cook with closed lid for 5mints or untill munakaya is cooked.In this process dal will be ready and extract the pulp from the tamarind and keep the water.Add this water to the cooking and again cook for fewmints.

Then add the dal and mix every thing well and add required water and cook with closed lid for fewmints and finally add coriander leaves and serve with white rice with any combination as side dish it goes great if we eat with hot white rice.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


These days my schedule is becoming very very tight.As my kid who is nearing to 1year he moves all around the house and i have to run behind him all the day.And i have time to cook only when he sleeps,at the same time i have to see my laky my first kid.For my first kid i did not find this much difficulty,but for him i have to run-run do.That's why i am not getting time to post in my blog.When ever i open the system he comes and removes the mouse i have to blog only when he sleeps.

Coming to the recipe,i found so many banana's in my kitchen and i was thinking what to do with all these.Then hubby dear said you can make milkshake..then i said okay ...and i have prepared banana milkshake which is very much liked by my 11month old son.


Vanilla ice cream-2scoops


Remove the peel of the banana's and cut into pieces.Take a blender add the above ingredients along with banana pieces and run the mixer for few second till all the ingredients blends well,you can add ice cubes also if want means.
Then transfer into a serving mug and enjoy smooth n chill milkshake.