Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coconut Chutney

Today i have prepared Coconut Chutney with dosa for my breakfast.This is my hubby dear's and my daughter's favt.when i ever i make dosa or idli she insist me to do this coconut chutney or groundnut chutney.That time i remember my days.i.e when i was child i too insist my Mom like this only.


Freshly grated coconut-1cup
Fried gram dal-2tbsp
Chopped Garlic-2flakes
Chopped Onion-1small
Chopped Green chilli-2small
Chopped Ginger-1/2piece
Tamarind-A marble sized ball

For Seasoning:

Mustard seed+Urd dal-1tsp
Few curry leaves


Soak tamarind in 1cup hot water and extract the juice.Strain the juice.

Grind coconut,fried gram dal,garlic,onion,green chillies,ginger and salt in a mixer.Add tamarind juice gradually,just enough to get a fine paste like chutney.

Add water if more liquid is needed to grind.check salt.Transfer to a serving bowl and keep aside.

Heat 1tbsp oil.Add mustard and urd dal.when it splutters,add curry leaves.

Remove from the flame and pour on to the chutney.Mix lightly.

serve chutney with dosas and idlis.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jeera Rice

Hi Friends,Today i have prepared Jeera rice along with chicken kurma for lunch.It went delicious n we finished the rice with in few mints.It consumes only few mints and ingredients required are also very few..i.e. basmatic rice,green chillies,jeera,fried onions,coriander leaves and few saffron strings.


Black Jeera-1tsp(Can use regular jeera also)
Basmatic rice-2cups
Saffron strings a few
Chopped Green chillies-2nos.
Fried Onions-2tbsp(store brought)
Chopped Coriander leaves-2tbsp
Salt to taste


Wash n soak rice for 15mints in water.

Once 15mints is done,drain the rice from the water.

Heat a Bottomed pan with ghee,add jeera.When it splutters add chopped green chillies along with chopped coriander leaves and fry for few mints.

Add 3cups add 3cups of water along with required salt and allow it boil..then add drained rice and mix slowly so that rice will not break.cook with closed lid in medium flame.

Once rice is almost done add fried onions and saffron water on the top and again cook with closed lid for 5mints on slim flame.

Remove from the flame and transfer into a serving bowl.

Enjoy delicious and mouthwatering Jeera rice.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Curried Pasta

First time i cooked Pasta after coming to UK.Actually i got this idea of making pasta last weekend.when we went for outing n while returning we went to a restaurant..hubby said today we will have different food rather then our regular pizza's n buns.I said okay..then we have ordered some chicken tikka along with some pasta.You friends believe or not just i put only i piece of pasta and went into the restroom and split it.Then i said to hubby dear its better that i only prepare pasta in my own style at home.Then i brought pasta and did this curried i used onions,tomato's along with chilli,pepper pwd,black jeera and 2eggs.Hubby dear liked it very much and said what i have told in restaurant is correct and kids to loved it very much.


Chopped Onions-2medium nos.
Chopped Tomato's-2medium nos.
Black jeera-1tsp
Chilli Pwd-1tsp
Pepper Pwd-1/2tsp
Few chopped coriander leaves
Salt to taste


Boil the pasta for 10-12mints or according to the given instruction along with a 1/2tsp of salt.Drain the pasta and keep aside.

Heat a non-stick pan with oil,add black jeera allow it to crackle.Add chopped onoins and cook till they change there colour,add chopped tomato's along with chilli pwd and cook till tomato's becomes soft.

Add the cooked pasta and give a good stir so that pasta mixes well with the mixture.Then Break the eggs into it and stir well so that all ingredients and pasta is nicely coated with eggs.cook with closed lid for few mints i.e till is cooked well.

Finally add the pepper pwd and add required salt.

Note:Add only small quantity of salt only because we have already added some salt while boiling the pasta.

Remove from the hob add chopped coriander leaves and mix well.

Enjoy tasty n spicy Curried Pasta.

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also sending to "Of Chalks and Chopsticks" hosted by PJ and statred by 'Aqua'

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bendakaya/Bhindi/Okra Fry

This Bhindi/Bendakaya fry is my favourite one and every one in my home loves it very much.It is a rich source of many nutrients,like folicacid,vitamin B6 and contains fiber.Bhindi fry is a North Indian dish.So many people cook it in there own styles using different spices.But i made it simply by adding onions, chilli pwd and Fried gram dal pwd.

Chopped Onions-1medium nos.

Chilli Pwd-1tsp

Cumin/Jeera pwd-1/2tsp

Turmeric pwd-1tsp

Fried gram dal pwd-1tbsp

Curry leaves a few

Salt to taste


Wash n wipe the bhindi with a neat cloth and chop into fine pieces.

Heat a pan and fry the bhindi dry till they change the colour i.e to dark green colour.Take them into a plate.

Wipe the pan with kitchen towel and heat the same pan with oil,add mustard and split urd dal.Allow them to pop,once they pop add curry leaves along with chopped onions and fry them till onions turn into golden colour.

Add the fried bhindi along with turmeric,chilli and cumin pwd and stir well so that bhindi mixes well with all ingredients.Cook with closed lid and in the middle stir them to prevent burning.

Sprinkle little water and stir and again cook with closed lid until bhindi is cooked well.
Finally add the fried gram dal powder and mix well and fry for few mints.Transfer into a serving bowl.

Enjoy tasty n Delicious Bhindi fry with rotis or rice.

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Also to Dish Name Starts with "B" by Akila

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cabbage-Egg Fry

This Cabbage and Egg fry is great with chapatis.We had it for yesterday dinner.I like this having with white rice also.It is quick to prepare.I learnt this recipe from my Mom.


Cabbage-250 gms
Chopped onion-1medium no.
Few Curry leaves
Chilli Pwd-1/2tsp
Mustard and urd dal-1tsp
Turmeric Pwd-1/2tsp
Salt to taste


Clean and chop cabbage into finely.

Heat a pan with oil,add mustard,urd dal and allow to pop them.Add chopped onions along with curry leaves and fry till onions changes its colour.

Then add chopped cabbage along with turmeric and cook with closed lid,in the middle give a stir so that it doesn't stick to pan.

Once cabbage is cooked,break the eggs into it and give a good stir,so that all ingredients are mixed well.Add chilli pwd along with salt and fry for few mints or till egg is cooked well.Once every thing is cooked,transfer into a serving bowl.

Enjoy greatly with rotis or white rice.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Simple Dal

Today i made this simple Dal for my lunch along with curd n rasam.As i am not feeling well,i made this Dal quickly.Of course its my favourite one.In my schooldays i remember i use to eat only this Dal every day for lunch..i used too insist my Mom to prepare this one every day at my school days.


Toor dal-1cup
Chopped Onions-1medium nos.
Chopped Tomato's-2medium nos.
Red chillies-3or4nos.
Tamarind a small piece
Salt to taste

For seasoning:

Mustard seeds-1/2tsp
Spilt urd dal-1/2tsp
Curry leaves a few
Chopped Coriander leaves a few


Wash and soak dal for that it cooks fast.

Heat a pressure cooker with oil add all seasoning ingredients and allow them to fry.Add chopped onions along with redchillies and fry till they turn into golden colour.

Then add chopped tomato's and cook till they becomes soft,add toor dal along with turmeric pwd and fry for 5mints.

Add 1cup of water and pressure cook for 3 or 4 whistles.Once the pressure cools down smash the dal with pappu guthi(wooden stick) which we use to smash the dal.Add required salt and cook for 5mints.

Serve the hot n tasty dal with white rice and enjoy!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reposting for BSI-Paneer

Sending these two recipes for BSI-Paneer Week-95

Butter Paneer Masala

Paneer Butter Masala

which is hosted by Ruchika of "Ruchikacooks"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Misi Roti

I have prepared "Misi Roti",which is made of chickpea(besan/gram flour),whole wheat flour and all purpose flour.This is mainly made in Indian at Rajasthan.I Tried and Tasted this Misi Roti from Aparan of "My diverse kitchen".It tasted yummy with Dal makhani.


Besan/chickpea/gram flour-1cup
Wheat flour-1/2cup
All purpose flour-1/2cup

Ajwain seeds-1/2tsp
Chopped Onion-1medium

Chopped green chillies-2nos.
Chopped coriander leaves-2tbsp


Salt to taste


In a bowl add all the above ingredients except oil and knead them into stiff dough by using enough water.Cover the dough and keep aside for half an hour.

Once half an hour is done,again knead the dough and divide them equally into lemon size balls.
Roll them like chapatis by dusting with flour if it sticks means.

Heat a pan and cook the roti's on medium flame by applying oil on both sides.Once brown spots starts coming up means rotis are ready.

Repeat this process for the remaining roti's also.
Enjoy hot roti's with your desired curry,but i had with Dal makhani.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Rasam Powder(Cumin and Pepper Rasam)

We usually prepare this Rasam powder with cumin and pepper seeds.And this can be stored in a airtight container for a week or more.But i prepare it for a week.Without rasam and curd my lunch will not be completed.It improves digestion for kids and elders also.I usually mix rasam with dal for my kids.


Cumin seeds/jeera-5tbsp
Pepper corns-5tbsp


In a mixer add cumin and pepper seeds and grind to smooth powder.For this powder no roasting is required.Store in a airtight container so that the aroma will not lost.

This participation certificate is given by Akila of "Learning to cook"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nawabi Chicken Pulao

Today i have prepared Nawabi Chicken Pulao for our lunch.I saw this recipe on a TV show when i was in India.This pulao is quite easy to prepare compare to other biryani's and pulao's.Its my daughter's favourite food.In this pulao the rice is placed layer by layer and chicken is cooked separately and placed in between the rice layers.It came delicious and tasted good with chicken kurma.


Basmatic rice-2cups
Ginger garlic paste-1tsp
Garam masala-1tsp
Slit green chillies-2nos.
chopped onions-2nos.
Saffron a pinch
Boiled eggs-2nos.
Biryani leaves-2nos.
Black jeera/shahi jeera-1tsp
Salt to taste


Clean and soak the rice for 15mints with 3cups of water.

Once 15mints is done,drain the rice from the water.Don't waste the drained water,we will be using the same water for cooking the rice.

Heat a pan or cooker with ghee(i used nonstick pan instead of cooker for making the rice)add black jeera and 3cups of water along with required salt.Allow the water to boil,once the water starts boiling add the rice and stir well so that it will not stick to the bottom and close the lid and cook on medium flame till the rice is semi cooked.

Heat a pan with oil,add biryani leaves,chopped onions and slit green chillies.Fry them till the onions are turned into golden colour.Add ginger garlic paste and stir for few mints till all masala is cooked.

Add cleaned chicken along with garam masala and fry them for few mints.then add curd and cook till the water evaporates.In the middle stir the chicken and close it with a lid and cook till the chicken is cooked.

Once rice and chicken is cooked.Heat a thick bottomed pan or cooker, grease them with oil or ghee so that the rice will not burnt at the bottom.

Place the cooked rice at the bottom and on it add saffron water,chopped coriander leaves and place the cooked chicken on the top of the rice.Repeat this process until rice comes on the top.And cook it with closed lid for 5 to 10 mints without placing the whistle if your using cooker means.

once the Pulao is ready transfer them into serving bowl and enjoy with sliced eggs and chicken Kurma.

Note:These days iam using black jeera is my dishes regularly because it is giving good taste and good smell to the food.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mixed Vegetable Noodles Rolls

These Mixed Vegetable Noodles rolls is my own thinking and made for my daughter's lunch box.Iam becoming more conscious these days in my kids food,i am making them to eat vegetables daily in some or the other form.Yesterday i was thinking what to pack lunch for my kid..then i saw noodles lying in my kitchen..i got an idea of making rolls with these noodles..but i want to make it healthy so i took 1cup of mixed vegetables(carrot,peas,sweetcorn) then i boiled them and grind into smooth paste ..and made this rolls..which came really yummy and my kid asked me to send the same rolls daily for her lunch..its not only yummy but healthy food for growing kids.

Mixed vegetables(carrot,peas,sweetcorn)-1cup
Chat masala-1tsp Corn flour-1tsp
Chilli pwd-1/2tsp

Salt to taste
Breadcrumbs pwd-1/2cup

Oil for frying


Cook the noodles in large pan and drain the water.

Boil the vegetables and grind them into paste along with chat masala and chilli pwd.

Take a bowl,add the drained noodles along with grounded paste.To this add cornflour and salt Mix well all the ingredients in such a way that all the noodles are nicely mixed up with the paste.

Make them into rolls using your Pam's and roll them in breadcrumb pwd.
Heat a pan with oil,add the rolls and fry them on medium flam until they turn into golden colour on both sides.Complete this process for all the rolls.

Enjoy these healthy n delicious rolls with Tomato Ketchup.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saffron Rice

Today i have prepared Saffron Rice for our lunch.It came delicious n tasted well.Now days my daughter started eating all types of vegetables.Before she used to have only curd rice and rasam rice.Now i am very happy that she is eating different types of food.Especially she likes chicken biryani..when ever i prepare any veg-pulao she smells the flavour and asks me Amma are doing chiki Buvva..(chicken rice).

Coming to the recipe its easy to prepare and only thing is to soak rice for half an hour.And remaining ingredients will be readily available in every home.


Basmatic rice-2cups
Fried onions-1/2cup
Ginger garlic paste-1tsp
Green chillies-2nos.
Cumin Pwd-1/2tsp
Shahi/black jeera-1/2tsp
Bay leaves
Chopped coriander
Nuts(Cashew nuts,almond,dry grapes)-2tbsp
Salt to taste


Clean and soak rice for half an hour.Soak saffron in warm milk.

Mean time chop onions and green chillies.Once half an hour is done,drain the rice from water.
Note:(don't throw that water we will be using the same water for cooking the rice)

Heat a non-stick kadai with oil,add all spices along with black jeera.Once the jeera pop up add chopped onions,green chillies and fry till they change there colour.Add ginger garlic paste and fry for few mints till raw smell goes.Add nuts(cashew,dry grapes,almond) and fry for 2mints.

Add curd along with chopped coriander leaves and cook for few more mints.Then add 3cups of water and stir well so that all the ingredients are mixed properly.Add salt and cook with closed lid in order to boil the water.

Once water starts boiling add drained rice and give stir once so that all the mixture is mixed well.close the lid and cook for few mints,then on remove the lid and add fried onions on the top and again close it with a lid.when the rice is getting almost cooked remove the lid add the saffron water in the rice and cook with closed lid for 5mints.

Then switch off the flame and transfer them into a serving bowl and enjoy it.We had it with Potato and Tomato Kurma.

Sending this to "Festive Rice " hosted by Akheela of Torview and to "Cookingwithseeds" hosted by Ayeesha of Taste of Pearl City and event started by Priya of "Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes"

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Carrot and Courgette Muffins

Here is my another making of muffins with carrot and courgette.As my daughter dont eat vegetable.I made this muffins in such a way that she can have vegetables in this way.These days iam grating the vegetables and making dishes for her.These muffins came yummy n delicious and she liked it very much and had two at a time.

Ingredients required:

Added grated carrot,courgette,egg,milk and oil

Adding dry flour to the egg mixture.

Placed the mixture in muffins tray.

Baked muffins from the oven.


Raisins few
Sunflower oil-1tbsp
Plain flour-1cup
Baking Powder-1tsp
Vanilla extract-1tsp


First clean and grate carrot and courgette and keep aside.

In a bowl,break the egg and whisk it well.Add the gratee carrot and courgette,raisins,milk and oil.Mix well.

In the other bowl, mix together the flour, sugar and baking powder.

Now add,this flour mixture to the above bowl mixture and give a good stir with a spoon.

Using the two-spoon method with the two teaspoons, spoon the mixture into small muffin cases in a muffin tray.

Place the tray in a pre-heated oven at 200ÂșC fan for 12–15 minutes.

Once the Carrot and Courgette Muffins have cooled down a little, you can eat them!

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